Steven Amshen

STEVEN AMSHEN Steven Amshen, a founding member and partner at the firm, is a formidable legal expert with a wealth of experience in litigation. As the leader overseeing all litigation…

Attorney James Tierney

James Tierney

James Tierney is an associate with Petroff Amshen LLP, where he focuses on foreclosure defense. Mr. Tierney has comprehensive experience

Attorney Jill Schaefer

Jill Schaefer

JILL SCHAEFER Jill Schaefer joined Petroff Amshen LLP in 2018 as an associate, dedicated to assisting families in retaining their homes. Before joining the firm, she held a prominent position…

Attorney Maria Garber

Maria Garber

MARIA GARBER Maria Garber is an esteemed associate at Petroff Amshen LLP, bringing a wealth of experience and international background to the firm. Prior to joining Petroff Amshen LLP, Maria…