Appellate Practice

In appellate matters, the Petroff Amshen philosophy is to empower attorneys who work on the trial level to closely collaborate with their colleagues at our firm’s appellate practice group. In utilizing both State and Federal appellate processes, we deliver results to our clients. No one can protect a litigant's interests better than the attorney who was involved with the matter from its inception, all the way through trial. Petroff Amshen Appellate attorneys successfully represent clients in Appellate Courts throughout New York and New Jersey. Sometimes, decisions are wrong. Pencils have erasers for a reason. Get the best team on your side to correct the wrong, or to defend yourself from an appeal that is taken against you. Confidence that an appeal will be taken from the filing of the notice of appeal, to perfection of the appellate briefs, and then to oral argument, is what sets our appellate practice apart. For more information about appellate practice in New York State and Federal Courts, contact the attorneys at Petroff Amshen.

Debtor Creditor Law

Our creditor and debtor practice group deal with situations where one party is unable to pay an alleged debt owed to another. There are three main chapters of the United States Bankruptcy Code that provide for different procedures, protections, exceptions, and exemptions. A lien may arise in different situations. Where the lien is a result of a secured transaction or a judicial proceeding, special attention must be given to the underlying cause of the lien. Petroff Amshen Debtor and Creditor law practice group protects clients liability and potential exposure for previously discharged debts. Petroff Amshen’s bankruptcy attorneys provide guidance to best resolve the matter. We focus on prior liability as well as potential exposure that may result in paying debts that have been discharged before. For more information about our creditor debtor rights, contact the attorneys at Petroff Amshen.

Commercial Litigation

Petroff Amshen’s complex commercial litigation attorneys are responsible for litigating disputes that occur in virtually every business. From joint venture disputes to disagreements between partners, attorneys at our firm are there to protect the interests of our clients. Most of the time, a successful litigation strategy allows our clients to continue to focus on their business. No one wants to be involved in a case and run their business at the same time. Competent representation allows our clients to focus on what matters to them most, increasing production and not getting bogged down in the minutia of litigation. Negotiating skills and trial experience are what counts when a complex commercial dispute is at stake. The Commercial Litigation attorneys at Petroff Amshen are expert negotiators with decades of trial experience settling business disputes. For more information about complex commercial litigation in New York State and Federal Courts, contact the attorneys at Petroff Amshen.  

Commercial Leasing

The Commercial Leasing attorneys at Petroff Amshen LLP provide both transactional and litigation services for our clients and have decades of experience successfully litigating commercial leasing disputes. The philosophy of drafting a commercial lease through the scope of a potential litigation, prevents litigation exposure for years to come. The theory that every contract must be examined with an eye towards potential litigation proves to be a valuable asset for our commercial clients.  Petroff Amshen’s Commercial Leasing attorneys understand that what  matters most for our clients is ability to engage multiple practice groups within the firm. It makes sense, in anticipating disputes down the road, we can better protect our clients. For more information about commercial leasing in New York, contact the attorneys at Petroff Amshen.

Estate and Trust Litigation

Even the best intended plans can go awry. The Estate and Trust attorneys at Petroff Amshen always guide our clients to the path of least resistance in securing our clients’ estates. Planning for the future involves anticipation of proper disposition of assets. When litigation is necessary, a lawyer’s knowledge should match the task that is undertaken. First and foremost, the lawyers at Petroff Amshen are litigators and with decades of litigation experience, are as comfortable as an old shoe when it comes to trial performance. Bottom line, experience and anticipation of unexpected circumstances are the strongest pillars to support Trust and Estates litigation at Petroff Amshen. For more information about Trust and Estate Litigation in New York, contact the attorneys at Petroff Amshen

Federal Litigation

Petroff Amshen’s federal litigation attorneys are dedicated to achieving the best client-focused result. Knowledge of the intricacies of federal litigation, coupled with trial experience, positions our clients for the best possible outcome. Procedural knowledge of mediations, arbitrations and settlement conferences, combined with diligent research allow Petroff Amshen attorneys to deliver substantive results for our clients. A civil Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO 18 U.S.C. §§ 1961 to 1968) claim that is codified under Title IX of the Organized Crime Control Action of 1970, is the main vehicle to assert damages against companies and individuals when the underlying dispute is predicated on a criminal act.  Petroff Amshen attorneys' focus on Rico litigation delivers unparalleled results. For more information about federal litigation, contact the attorneys at Petroff Amshen

Financial Services Litigation

Petroff Amshen’s financial services attorneys advise clients in all matters that concern the financial services industry. In most instances, not only is a proper defense an absolute necessity, but the failure to assert such a defense will be detrimental to the case. As trial lawyers, our attorneys focus on delivering the most potent litigation strategy to our clients. Across multiple spectrums, whether State or Federal litigation, the focus of the financial services litigation practice area always remains the long-term goals of our clients. As a heavily regulated industry, essential elements of the financial services practice area are notice compliance, document submission, and immediate responses to legitimate inquiries. Tremendous litigation experience, both at the State and Federal level, allows the financial services attorneys in our financial services litigation group to focus on delivering proven results. For more information about financial services litigation practice group in New York State and Federal Courts, contact the attorneys at Petroff Amshen.

Nonprofit Organizations

Petroff Amshen LLP is committed to helping Nonprofit organizations requiring legal aid. Nonprofit organization attorneys focus on the needs of clients who require our help the most. In dealing with specific issues that are applicable to non-for-profit litigation, the attorneys at Petroff Amshen provide support for our clients who have powerful visions, but at times, lack the resources to get there. Immaculate attention to issues that are pertinent to our non-for-profit organization clients allows Petroff Amshen’s Nonprofit organization attorneys to focus on maximizing our clients’ time that is devoted to bettering societal causes. For more information about the non-profit organization litigation practice group, contact the attorneys at Petroff Amshen.

Real Estate Litigation

With our firm’s roots in contentious real estate litigation, Petroff Amshen LLP focuses on delivering the right results. In many instances, disputes arise that are intertwined with other causes of action and areas of law. All properties are unique and a successful real estate litigation attorney will allow property owners to maximize their use. Whether it is breach of contract, trust and estates, fraud, or mortgage discharge, the attorneys at Petroff Amshen’s real estate practice group will litigate these issues from inception to trial. Petroff Amshen attorneys focuses on achieving the greatest result, while minimizing clients’ expenses. At the end of the day, experience matters. Having decades of experience, consistently delivers results that exceed clients’ expectations. For more information about the real estate litigation practice group, contact the attorneys at Petroff Amshen.


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