Mortgage Modification Programs Available to Homeowners

“The best defense is a good offense.” Before your lender files a foreclosure complaint, take the proactive step of home loan modification.

Based on your unique circumstances, Mortgage Modification Lawyers at Petroff Amshen LLP will qualify homeowners for the best loan modification. Our firm achieved successful home mortgage modifications with multiple lenders, banks, and servicing companies.

Potential SAVINGS

Under federal government programs, and through traditional “in-house” modifications, mortgage relief is available from lenders such as JPMorgan Chase®, Bank of America (CountryWide) ®, EMC®, HSBC®, Bank United®, IndyMac® a division of OneWest Bank®, Residential Credit Solutions®, American Servicing Company (ASC) ® a division of Wells Fargo®, Ocwen®, Select Portfolio Servicing®, Wachovia® a Wells Fargo Company®, M&T®, US Bank®, Aurora®, Litton Loans®, Citi®, and others. Petroff Amshen LLP operates mortgage relief center that will help homeowners apply for all federal mortgage relief programs that are available.

The most important question that homeowners ask is: “Do I qualify for mortgage modification?” Attorneys at Petroff Amshen LLP can examine your individual circumstances and provide you with an unbiased opinion about the best way to qualify for home loan modification. First consultation with home mortgage modification attorney is free!

Mortgage Modification Lawyers are Ready to Defend Your Home.

Before you hire out-of-state modification company consider this: What if your modification is denied? How are you going to fight the bank?

Federal mortgage assistance programs are available to distressed homeowners who experience hardship, unemployment, and loss of income.

Mortgage Modification Lawyers at Petroff Amshen LLP will work with all primary government modification programs such as: Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) including Unemployment Program, Principal Reduction Alternative, Home Affordable Alternatives Program (HAFA), Second Lien

Modification Program (2MP), Home Affordable Modification Program for Federal Housing Administration Loans (FHA – HAMP), and Second Lien Modification Program for Federal Housing Administration Loans (FHA – 2LP),

Unlike mortgage modification companies that had recently flooded homeowners with their solicitations, Petroff Amshen LLP has experienced mortgage modification lawyers that are ready to help you prepare best mortgage modification plan and will never abandon you in the middle of your house loan modification process.

We offer mortgage modification help to clients that experience hardship and are behind on mortgage payments regardless of their mortgage amount. Petroff Amshen LLP will fight for home mortgage relief for all homeowners both jumbo mortgages and regular mortgages alike.